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League & Association Management

The GrayJay Sports platform is an intuitive solution for league and association management, saving you valuable time in schedule management, rostering, game statistics, and communications. Its user-friendly interface streamlines these critical tasks, reducing administrative hours and improving efficiency, resulting in significant time and cost savings while elevating your sports programs.

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Online & Offline
Program Registration

GrayJay Pay is a game-changer for sports organizations by simplifying the often burdensome administrative tasks associated with program registration and payment collection. By offering a user-friendly and secure payment system, GrayJay Pay not only enhances the registration experience for participants but also minimizes the administrative burden on your organization, freeing up resources for other essential aspects of sports program management.

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Team Communication

The GrayJay Team app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, providing seamless access and convenience for all members regardless of their device preference.

  • Instant messaging for quick communication
  • Receive important updates and announcements in real-time
  • Share images of games, practices, and events
  • Track attendance for practices and games
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Officials Management

The GrayJay Officials system empowers assignors to efficiently manage assignments, view availabilities, track payments, and qualifications. Meanwhile, officials can seamlessly set availability, approve or deny requests, manage incident reports, and even score games.

  • View schedules
  • Accept or decline assignments
  • Get notified of game changes
  • Share availability across organizations
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All the essentials for managing your sports club.


Registration Easy Registration

Seamlessly collect and organize player information, making the registration process smooth and hassle-free. Elevate your sports club experience with easy, efficient member onboarding.


Invoicing Financial Clarity

Streamline the billing process, track payments, and maintain financial clarity, ensuring your sports club operates smoothly both on and off the field.


Rostering Intuitive Rostering

Simplify team lineup management with GrayJay's rostering feature. Our intuitive drag-and-drop solution ensures effortless adjustments for optimal on-field performance.


Schedules Schedules

Effortlessly create and share schedules With the GrayJay Sports plaform. Keep your sports club in sync and ahead of the game.

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GrayJay Teams App

Are you tired of the hassle that comes with managing your sports team? Say goodbye to the endless spreadsheets, missed schedules, and communication chaos. Welcome to the GrayJay Teams App, the all-in-one sports team management app that takes the work out of managing your team!


Unlimited Roster

Enjoy the convenience of an unlimited roster, empowering you to build, manage, and lead your sports team without any constraints.


Team Schedules

Effortlessly organize and manage team schedules with the GrayJay Teams App. Precision planning made simple for your team's success!


Team Chat

Seamlessly communicate, strategize, and build camaraderie, ensuring your team stays united on and off the field. Elevate teamwork with every message!



RSVP effortlessly for games and practices on the GrayJay Teams App. Streamline attendance, empower your coaches, and make every moment count!


Push Notifications

Receive instant updates on schedule changes and team chat messages, ensuring you're always in the loop. Don't miss a beat – stay connected and informed on the go!


Coach Integrations

Simplify coaching tasks with GrayJay Teams App's integrations. Streamline scheduling, roster management, and team communication for more focused coaching.


GrayJay Tournaments

Elevate your tournaments to a new level with GrayJay Tournaments! Whether you're organizing a small local event or a major championship, our comprehensive platform simplifies the entire process. Manage schedules, rosters, scoring, and even implement custom tiebreakers effortlessly.

  • Easy Team Registration
  • Custom Tiebreakers
  • Real Time Scoring
  • Single & Double Elimination Bracket Generation
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Online Registration

Designed with coaches, parents, and sports enthusiasts in mind, our user-friendly platform streamlines the registration process, making it a breeze to sign up for your favorite sports programs. With GrayJay Pay, you can say goodbye to the hassle of paperwork and hello to a modern, efficient, and secure way to join your desired sports leagues. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and get ready to hit the field with ease.


Easy Payments

Simplify payments with GrayJay Pay. Enjoy a modern, efficient, and secure way to handle transactions for your favorite sports programs with GrayJay Pay.


Secure Checkout

Trust in GrayJay Pay's Secure Checkout. Your transactions are safeguarded, ensuring a worry-free and secure registration experience for your favorite sports programs.


Accounting Reports

Access comprehensive reports for a clear overview of your sports program finances. Make informed decisions and drive success with our insightful accounting tools.



Reliable support, every step of the way. GrayJay is here to ensure your sports program experience is smooth and enjoyable. Elevate your game with responsive assistance.

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Clients are Loving the GrayJay Platform

As president of the NSU15Major hockey league, I wish to share with all the excellent experience that we have had in working with GrayJay Web Solutions.

Not only have they developed an excellent, easily functional website for our league, they have solved any and all issues and concerns that we have thrown their way in under 24 hours. It's not very often you get service from your site provider like this.

We encourage all to speak with them and find out first-hand what they can provide for you and please feel free to check out our new and exciting site at

When Team Mi'kmaw NS was looking to develop a website for our teams we came across the GrayJay platform and really like the look and feel of it. The GrayJay team was helpful and accommodating to our unique needs, they were responsive to our requests and were always willing to go the extra mile to assist us in getting setup.

I would highly recommend using GrayJay Solutions for your Team or Leagues needs, the back end user interface is easy to understand and lays out the setup of Leagues, Team and Users in a way that makes sense. The public facing site is also easy to navigate and provides a great user experience and lots of information on each team or league.